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We are building a network of Partner Dentists and Orthodontists that offer Teeth Devices from your home.

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You will receive a teeth impression kit in the mail.


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Take your teeth impressions and send photos of them from the Contact Us page.


Receive Your Custom Teeth Device

When we receive your teeth impressions we will send them to the lab to have the device made.

We offer the complete process from order placement to delivered teeth device as follows:

1 week if we have your digital teeth impression scans on file from a previous order placed on or after June 1 2021.

digital teeth impression

1½ weeks if you already have putty impressions of your teeth from a previous order.
2 weeks if you need to take teeth impressions for a first time order.

For all of our complete process options, please click the tab below.

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Watch this short video to see how we can help you receive quality dental office teeth devices from your home.

Pictured below are the Teeth Devices that we Offer

Once you select your location, you will be forwarded to our website page where you can order your desired Teeth Device.

Clear Aligners

Our Clear Aligners are for those that would like to align their Upper and/or Lower teeth using clear trays. The alignment can be completed from your home without a dental office visit.
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Wire Retainers

Our best Retainer is our Hawley Retainer also called a Wire Retainer. This retainer is made from a very durable plastic but must be removed while eating. We offer a variety of colors for the plastic. Hawley retainers can last 3-4 years.

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Invisible Retainers

Our Invisible Retainers are for those that would like to keep their teeth in place without a metal wire showing. They are very comfortable and the plastic that our lab uses is state-of-the-art material that can last up to 2 years.

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Night Guards

We offer hard night guards for grinders and soft night guards for clinchers. Night guards can also act as a retainer because it encompasses the teeth. Night guards will prevent damage to your teeth and the enamel of your teeth.

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Our best device is our Partial Denture. They are made of a plastic material called Valplast which is virtually unbreakable. This is the only device for teeth replacement, that we offer, that you are able to eat with it in your mouth.

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Our less expensive option for those that are missing teeth is out Flipper. It has metal clasping instead of plastic clasps like our Partial. It also needs to be removed while eating.


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What Our Customers Say About Us

Angie M.

My partial denture fits perfectly! I’m so happy to have my smile back. I work with people, so its important to have something that makes my teeth look healthy. The shade matched perfectly and the process was easy and smooth.

Cheyenne C.

These are great. Perfect fit, quick turnaround time and wayyyyy cheaper than the dentists office. I’ve been using them for a few months now and they’re so comfortable with just enough room for the bleach.

Jack T.

My dentist told me I should get a nightguard because I clench my teeth in my sleep. I love that I was able to order one online for such a great price! The impression process scared me but was actually really easy. The guard fits me perfectly and is comfortable to wear.

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Pay Plan

Our Payment Plan Option

We offer a simple payment plan that doesn’t require an application and everyone is eligible.

On all purchases of $400 or more, you simply pay 50% down during checkout and 1 equal payment of the remaining balance will be automatically debited from your same card in 30 days.

Take Your Teeth Impressions

Taking teeth impressions from home has never been easier. We provide step-by-step, easy to follow instructions that will guide you through every step of the process. With our color pictures and video tutorials, you will be taking perfect teeth impressions in minutes!

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Our Teeth Impression Kit enables you to receive Teeth Devices from home. From Your Teeth Impressions we manufacture custom Teeth Devices found at Dental Offices!