All You Need to Know About Denture Repairs

All You Need to Know About Denture Repairs

Many people don’t pay proper care and maintenance to their dentures which may lead them to be damaged or broken down. However, according to a recent study, approximately 60% of people do not look after their dentures. So, what could be worse than that? Ultimately, these dentures need to be repaired for further usage. In this context, we would look through everything about dental repairs and answers to all the questions that may come to your mind.

What is Denture Repair?

Denture repair is the fix of dentures that are repaired in dental laboratories by professional denturists. These dentures are repaired by following several certain instructions provided by the dentists. They give these guidelines after examining these dentures.

Although there are different dentures, such as flexible partial dentures, traditional full dentures, implant dentures, etc. and these different dentures are repaired in different manners. Such as adjustment, relining, and rebasing. Thus, the most common amongst them is tooth repair which is done when only one tooth needs to be fixed or replaced.

Why is Denture Repair Essential?

Many people believe that denture repair is not significant if a denture tooth gets a tiny crack. However, this small crack can become a big problem later on. That’s why the denture repair is pretty crucial, even with a small crack. Because a small crack today can break the whole tooth tomorrow, for this reason, you must not neglect a denture repair.

If you ignore denture issues and leave them alone, you may find further complications with your teeth. Since a denture is very vulnerable and can be easily broken down, it is essential to repair denture no matter if it is a single tooth or a set of teeth. The broken denture can further lead to several issues, such as you would feel difficulty in chewing, pain, gum sore, or bleeding gums.

What Adhesive is Used to Repair Dentures?

The best adhesive to repair dentures is a dental-grade resin which includes crazy glues or super glues. However, if these products are unavailable, their best alternative is acrylic resin. These products are explicitly used by denturists or dentists and could be pretty expensive to purchase.

What Are Some Reasons for Denture Breaking?

There are numerous reasons which may let your dentures break, and afterward, you need denture repairs. Anyhow, some of these reasons are:

Dentures Become Old

As the dentures become old, they become more susceptible with time. Its fundamental reason is that as time passes and your mouth shape starts altering, the dentures start loosening. These dentures start shifting, weakening, damaging, and ultimately get broken.

Dentures Hit or Fall

This is the most common reason for the breaking of dentures. When people accidentally hit or fall dentures, they get easily broken. Since these dentures are usually made of porcelain or acrylic materials that are very prone to breakage, they can be easily damaged. However, many researchers have claimed that dentures do not get broken with a one-time fall; if you frequently bang it, it may eventually lead them to smash.

What Measures Should I Take if My Dentures Break?

If your dentures break, you can instantly set an appointment with a denturist to repair your dentures. Luckily, if you carry a spare set of dentures, start using them temporarily until your old dentures get repaired. Remember, do not try to fix your dentures at home by yourself; otherwise, it can lead to total damage to your dentures.

How Much Relining Dentures Cost?

Basically, relining dentures is quite affordable, but the price varies on certain factors such as denture type and what type of relining nature you need. It also depends upon the laboratory brand from where you are repairing your dentures.

Can I Fix my Dentures on my own?

Never try to fix your dentures on your own because your dentures require professional reparation. If you try to repair your dentures by yourself, they would be at great risk of getting more damaged. Hence, always ponder an expert denturist for a perfect fit and durable outcomes.

If your dentures are broken and questing for some experts to repair them fast, feel free to book a denturist consultation and repair your dentures in a budget-friendly means.

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