Essix Versus Hawley: Are Essix Retainers Better?

essix versus hawley which retainer is better

Finally, your braces have been removed, and you are about to smile attractively and beautifully. However, many orthodontists believe in wearing retainers after removing braces because your teeth still require preservation and uphold. Retainers are the next stage after braces to keep your teeth straight permanently.

When it comes to choosing retainers, there are several types; some are removable, and a few are fixed ones. However, removable retainers come in two sorts; Hawley and Essix. The Essix retainers appear to be transparent, and the wired ones are the Hawley retainers. Both of them work their best but which one should be chosen.

Below is a detailed comparison between Hawley vs. Essix retainers to help you decide significantly.

Essix Vs. Hawley Retainers

When you visit your dentist for retainer recommendations, he may suggest any one of Hawley and Essix retainers; however, if you have to decide any one amongst them, which one would you pick. Glance on the following differences between the two for a better decision.

  • Comfortability and Elasticity 

As related to Hawley retainers, Essix retainers are made with thin materials which fix directly to your teeth and tremendously comfortable for many people. Not only this, they appear transparent; that’s why many people prefer Essix retainers over Hawley ones. Therefore, when you wear Essix retainers, your teeth are less noticeable while talking or smiling. On the other hand, Hawley retainers come in a wired form that is colored and visible on your teeth.

As per a report of 2016 studies, Essix retainers deliver more elasticity as compared to Hawley retainers which means patients can wear and remove these retainers more comfortably and ensure better alignment.

  • Retention

Each retainer type is explicitly designed to keep your teeth in a fixed and straight position after removing braces or any other orthodontic treatment. Although both types are best at their positions and work efficiently, some recent studies have shown that Essix retainers provide better retention as compared to Hawley retainers.

According to a study published in 2012, patients prefer wearing Essix retainers over Hawley ones, which revealed that Essix retainers are more beneficial in retaining your teeth.

Another article published in 2018 described the comparison between Hawley and Essix retainer. This experiment was done on three groups of 30 people. One group wore Essix retainers for four weeks for full time and only at night, another group wore Hawley retainers in some form, and the third group wore Essix retainers for 1-week full time and at night. The results showed that patients who wore Essix retainers had a more maintained tooth alignment and arch length in their upper teeth.

  • Changes in Speech Patterns

Essix retainers have been found to bring improved speech modifications. However, it is a fact, when you wear any external thing into your mouth, it impacts your speech. Regardless of Essix retainers being tight, super-fit, and slim retainers, they can substantially affect your speech patterns. Both retainers affect your speech patterns, though, but Essix retainers impact it in a positive manner.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

It is crucial to take proper care of your retainers because they are pleased to give bacteria and microbes room and grow them. Nonetheless, Essix retainers are greater than Hawley in every aspect, but they subsidize to a higher level of giving rise to plaque and bacteria on the teeth surface. Hence, proper cleaning is essential for both retainer types. You can prevent your retainers by thorough cleaning and oral hygiene and eliminate plaque and bacteria to keep your mouth clean.

Which One is Better?

So many studies have been conducted on the comparison of Hawley vs. Essix retainers, and each investigation came up with the side of Essix retainers. They provide more comfortability, flexibility, and retention to your teeth to keep them aligned straight. However, maintaining Essix retainers could be a bit challenging. Anyhow, by walking through this article, Essix retainers win the battle of comparison, and many people also prefer these retainers because of plentiful benefits.

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