Everything You Need to Know About Flipper Tooth

What is a Flipper Tooth?

Flipper Tooth

Your smile is imperfect if you have lost a tooth or two. Missing teeth not only influences your smile but can also be the root cause of several further problems, such as chewing your food. However, in such circumstances, a Flipper Tooth could be the perfect temporary replacement for one or more missing teeth.

A flipper tooth is a detachable partial denture that is made up of Acrylic and works as an amazing prosthetic tooth option. A flipper tooth works like a hook that perfectly foxes along your mouth palate or your lower jaw.

The flipper teeth are used as a temporary option which is recommended before going for a dental implant. Besides, when tissue or bone is grafted, or a tooth is removed, the area needs some time to heal; hence, dental flippers seem like the best option.

Benefits of a Flipper Tooth

Flipper tooth is considered the best option as a temporary fix and has successfully sustained its repute in the market. However, a flipper tooth can give you plentiful gains, which are mentioned below:

✧ Simple Construction

Flipper takes very little time to manufacture, and your dentists can easily customize it as per your teeth structure. When you order to construct the flippers, you would most likely receive them the same day.

✧ Alleviates your Remaining Teeth

A flipper not only works as a temporary tooth for your missing one but enhances the existing teeth as well. It supports your remaining teeth by fluctuating the gaps between them that are formed by your missing tooth until you get a permanent fix.

✧ Budget-Friendly

Another fundamental benefit of flipper tooth is that it is tremendously affordable to purchase. If you compare the dental flippers to other temporary alternatives, you will find them rather cheaper.

✧ Natural Look

A dental flipper gives a pretty natural appearance when you fix them into your mouth. It exquisitely covers all the gaps where the tooth is lost and delivers a very natural look when your smile wide.

✧ User-Friendly

Using a flipper tooth is not rocket science. It is enormously convenient to wear and remove. You can also effortlessly replace them.

Downsides of a Flipper Tooth

Where you get numerous benefits of a flipper tooth to smile wide, you would also get a few drawbacks at the same time.

✧ Uneasiness

At first usage, you may feel uneasy while keeping a flipper tooth in your mouth. You may feel discomfort in many activities such as talking or eating. If you feel a toothache after wearing a dental flipper, rush to your doctor.

✧ Reliability

As flipper tooth is quite inexpensive, and of course, it is manufactured with cheap materials, so it may lack reliability compared to other pricier dentures. They can easily crack and break; then, you need to repair them.

✧ Preservation

You need to pay huge attention to its maintenance; otherwise, it can give rise to several gum diseases such as bleeding gums or inflammation and can end up to tooth loss.

✧ Allergy

You may get allergic to some materials, so when you fix a flipper tooth into your mouth, you’re more likely to get allergic. Don’t forget to discuss your allergic history with your dentist before customizing a flipper tooth.

✧ Risk of loosening

A flipper tooth is explicitly intended to clasp your existing teeth. But if you wear them regularly or you frequently tamper it with your tongue, it can get loosen. Removing and wearing them recurrently can also loosen your flipper tooth.

✧ Gums Slump

A dental flipper basically covers your gums which may slow down or completely stop the saliva flow in a particular site. Since the saliva helps clean the gums, it may result in the decaying of your gums.

Measures to Look After a Flipper Tooth

Looking after a flipper tooth is an easy-breezy task. All you need is to follow some instructions, and you can always use your dental flippers as clean as new.

  • Each night before going to bed, don’t forget to remove the flipper tooth.
  • After every meal, use the denture brush to clean the flipper tooth meticulously. If you clean it appropriately, it will prevent the dental flipper from infectious bacteria, which can cause the bits of food left on them.
  • Use warm water, mild soap, and a soft-spine toothbrush for regular cleaning.
  • When you’re not using your flipper tooth, keep them in a glass of water for not letting them dry out.
  • Avoid touching your tongue to your flipper tooth repeatedly because doing this can loosen them.
  • Most preferably, soak your dental flipper into the denture cleaner overnight twice or thrice a week.
  • Try not to consume food that may leave stains on your flipper tooth, such as coffee, wines, dark juices, berries, etc.

How much does a Flipper Tooth Cost?

A flipper tooth is one of the cheapest impermanent tooth options. The price of a flipper tooth can differ according to the number of teeth you would replace and the manufacturing material. Usually, a dental flipper can be bought at approximately between $300 to $500 for a frontal area.

For recurrent repairs or adjustments, you would likely to pay additionally. However, if you hold dental insurance, you may get, adjust, or repair a flipper tooth at some discounted rates.

Other Substitutes of a Flipper Tooth

If you do not find a flipper tooth suitable for your teeth, you can opt for other alternatives, but they are pretty expensive than a dental flipper. You can go for either a temporary fix or a permanent fix.

✧ Temporary Options

There are many temporary prosthetic tooth options that are more durable and trustworthy than a flipper tooth. A temporary fix is more affordable than permanent options; that’s why most people prefer this option. Some of the temporary options comprise:

✧ Snap-On-Smile

It is a partial denture that is manufactured in a customized order. It comes in a natural teeth shape that can easily fix upon the existing teeth below your gums. While fixing, it covers the whole mouth palate. This temporary fix is more expensive than a flipper tooth. This option is cosmetic, non-intrusive, easily removable, and painless.

✧ Fixed Partial Denture

These are the partial dentures that are fixed to your connecting teeth. This option can only be chosen if you contain healthy teeth and roots. It is implanted to attach the prosthesis to your teeth. It is fixed only on the area where a tooth is misplaced and fills the gap, and restores the functions of a natural tooth.

✧ Permanent Options

Permanent fixes are longer-lasting and more expensive than a flipper tooth or temporary options.

✧ Dental Graft

The dental graft is similar to the tooth root, which is fixed through surgery. It is fixed directly to your jawbone, which helps hold the prosthetic tooth. A tooth graft is not attached to other teeth, just like in Dental bridges. Besides, the dental graft does not get loosened with time like a flipper tooth. It gives a feel and appearance as natural human teeth.

✧ Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are unambiguously made to enhance the appearance of your teeth, their shape, and alignment, and help you eat more effortlessly, just like a dental flipper does. It is prosthetic teeth that are fixed straightforwardly to your existing teeth. It can either be implanted via crowns, cement, or bonds.


  • Can I sleep with a flipper tooth in my mouth?

If you wear a flipper tooth the whole day and night, it can leave a continual pressure on your tissues. Hence, it is crucial to remove dental flippers before going to bed and give your gums a little time to let them breathe.

  • Can I eat with a dental flipper?

Yes! You can absolutely eat while wearing a flipper tooth. In fact, a flipper tooth is specifically intended to help you eat more comfortably. Using a dental flipper, you can easily chew and swallow the food.

  • How long can I wear a flipper tooth?

Dental flippers are explicitly invented for temporary usage. Although these flippers can be easily cracked or broken, thus, wearing them for a longer period can be harmful to your dental area. They need regular maintenance and care to protect your teeth from further issues

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