What is a Dental Flipper?

What is a Dental Flipper

If one or more teeth are lost, there are various methods to fill the gap and bring back your sparkling smile. Dental flippers are one of these options, which are also known as partial dentures or transitional dentures. Dental flippers typically are a temporary solution for missing or broken tooth which is ideal for people who have recently suffered from tooth loss.

This is an instant solution if one’s teeth get missed before going for a permanent solution; most; most people keep the dental flippers option as their first priority because of its rapid and painless procedure. These partial dentures are pretty easy to wear and remove from the mouth whenever needed. Besides, these flippers come in all sizes and shaped and can be customized according to the oral structure.

If you have damaged teeth and or any dental injuries, dental flippers help enormously in covering up the spaces and aid you in chewing, talking, and smiling. Despite concealing these gaps, it naturally reduces the gaps between the remaining teeth.

A dental flipper is called so because these partial dentures flip in and out your mouth effortlessly and work as a retainer. When you wear or remove dental flippers, you need to apply a minimal amount of pressure. That’s why they may drop down easily while chewing or displace.

Consult your Dentist for Dental Flipper

Firstly, when you break, miss, or damage your tooth, don’t panic; consult your dentist and discuss the condition. A lost tooth Impacts tremendously on your personality and may shatter down your self-confidence. Not only this, you feel discomfort and awkward while chewing as well. Therefore, it is crucial to set an appointment and discuss with your dentist to customize a dental flipper as early as possible.

Once you have talked to your dentist, he would suggest you using dental flippers. Yet, you also must tell him if you have got any material allergies so that the partial dentures are customized by keeping in view your allergic conditions.

However, people report to their dentists the most common issues when using dental flippers are poor design, discomfort, denture damage, tooth decay, bleeding gums, loosening or remaining teeth, or other gum infections. On the other hand, dental flippers provide numerous benefits as compared to other temporary options such as,

Easy to wear and remove
You can chew more comfortably
Easily breaks food into bits
Cheaper as compared to other dentures
Gives a natural appearance
Customized quickly
Tightens your remaining teeth
Alleviates your teeth
A very convenient solution to your missing teeth

How long can I wear dental flippers?

Basically, dental flippers are specifically intended as a temporary solution that should not be worn for a very protracted period. Usually, when people wear it for the first time, it is recommended to keep it for 24 hours. Besides, after every meal, it is better to rinse your mouth to remove all food particles. Moreover, you only should wear dental flippers until your gums heal and you get your dental implants.

How much dental flippers cost?

Usually, many people consider dental flippers because they are affordable. These dentures cost between $300 to $500, but the price varies according to the number of teeth you require.

Moreover, there are also already-manufactured flippers in the market that can be purchased at a lower price because they are not customized. Adopting such dental flippers, you can save up to $10 to $15 and bring your bright and wide smile back.

Can I eat with a dental flipper?

Of course! Dental flippers are meant to cover the gap between the area where the tooth is lost and fill that space. Additionally, another specific reason for adopting dental flippers is if the person feels discomfort in chewing. Therefore, you can absolutely eat while wearing dental flippers to your mouth. Thus, as you complete your meal, remove your dentures and soak them in water for cleaning purposes.

People who experience tooth damage or broken tooth and feel difficulty chewing and breaking down food, so wearing a flipper helps them a lot with eating. On the contrary, people who wear these dentures only to align their frontal teeth usually remove dental flippers while eating.

Final Words

There are numerous options in the market to get rid of those big gaps between your teeth and cover them up; however, dental flippers are one of these temporary solutions. This is the least expensive and most convenient option to replace your damaged tooth or fill the gap from where the tooth is lost. With dental flippers, you remain comfortable and confident to pass a wide smile. So, what are you waiting for? Consult your doctor now and boost your confidence.

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