6 awesome benefits of wearing an essix retainer

There are two typical types of retainers, permanent and removable. After you get orthodontic treatment, your dentist provides you retainers to align your teeth. He helps choose the best type of retainers on the basis of your teeth’ structure and condition.

Commercially, there are many teeth retainers available in the market, out of which the Essix retainers stand out because of their very affordable price and some fantastic benefits. Moreover, there are many reasons, people love this type of retainer and prefer them.

Go through our entire article to know more about Essix retainers and their advantages of wearing them.

What is Essix Retainer?

Essix retainer is a type of orthodontic retention device which is used to keep the results of your clear aligners or braces. It is a removable, transparent, and removable retainer which you need to wear regularly to follow your treatment. Besides, Essix retainer is one of the budget-friendly types accessible in the market, which you may get from $150 to $500 per set. However, there is no specific price for adopting an Essix retainer because it may vary according to the clinic’s location and your treatment.

Benefits of Wearing Essix Retainer

Essix retainers are preferable and admirable by many people not only because of their affordability, but it provides plentiful benefits to your dental condition and oral health. I have discussed six outstanding benefits of wearing Essix retainers; let’s discuss each of them.

Enhances Orthodontic Results

Many people prefer Essix retainers by enhancing the orthodontic results. They execute a spectacular job of sustaining a flawless smile of a person. Essix retainer results in improving your teeth condition by keeping them straight and unchanged.

Essix retainers fix better than the other retainer types, which prevents teeth dispositioning effectively and keeps your teeth fixed in one place.

Less Visible

It has a transparent design that is not visible while you’re wearing them. The clear design of Essix retainers is very reliable; that is why it is much admirable all across. People do not like wearing a colored thing on their teeth because it appears very disgusting while talking or smiling as if there’s something stuck in their teeth. With Essix retainers, people do not even realize if you are wearing anything or not when you talk or smile. Its transparent structure won’t come between your perfect smile.

Makes Eating and Drinking Easier

If you have ever worn wired retainers, you might have faced difficulty in chewing or drinking. However, Essix retainers are much beneficial at this moment. If you wear these retainers, you don’t need to chew your food into small bits in order to swallow easily; instead, you can simply remove these retainers and enjoy your food. These detachable retainers can be worn and removed tremendously effortlessly. Just remove your Essix retainers, eat, clean your teeth, and put them back. Your life would become easier with Essix retainers.

If you are looking for a great option to keep your teeth straight and unmoved, feel free to order Essix retainers from IHome Dental.

Makes Oral Hygiene Effortless

As I discussed above, Essix retainers could be easily removed and worn, which means that you can easily keep your oral hygiene hassle freely. As compared to wired retainers, you can effortlessly brush and floss your teeth by removing them. Just remove the plastic-molded retainer, brush and floss your teeth after having a meal or before going to bed, and keep your teeth clean. Your oral hygiene won’t be affected by Essix retainers.

More Durable

Other than affordability, Essix retainer is a very durable option amongst other retainer types, which can go long-lastingly for months or even years. However, as long as you wear them, you need to take good care of them and keep your oral hygiene as well. An Essix retainer can go durably for three to five years, which is a very reliable option at a reasonable price. It is a premium and affordable option which is comparatively an outstanding solution for your straight and attractive smile.

Easy Maintenance

Essix retainers not only allow you to keep your mouth clean, but it itself is very effortless to clean and maintain. Since these are removable retainers, you don’t need to worry about their cleanliness. You can simply remove your retainers, keep them under warm water, and brush gently. Water is the best cleaning agent to eliminate bacteria or food particles from retainers.

You can also deep-clean them occasionally by soaking them in cleaning solutions once or twice a month. This solution helps eliminate all other microbes that are hard to remove with water only and makes your retainers new again. Other than that, there are different plentiful ways to clean your retainers.

Final Thoughts

Retainers could be the perfect option to upkeep your straight smile after removing braces or executing any other orthodontic treatment. However, if you pick the Essix retainer type, it would help you substantially and provide numerous benefits. In case you feel interested in purchasing Essix retainers, feel free to visit IHome Dental and always keep your smile bright.

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