how to get a replacement retainer

Have you lost or broken your retainers? Well, it’s a prevalent thing that happens to so many people, but there’s nothing to worry about. It happens that you kept your retainers somewhere and forgot where you placed them, or you drop them accidentally, and it breaks, so what could be done in this situation?

Although if you don’t wear your retainers, your teeth will start shifting, so you need to regularly wear your retainers. If you’ve lost or cracked your retainers, there is a substantial way to replace your retainers and wear them back.

However, there are two ways for retainer replacement; each is discussed below:

Buy from your Dentist

This is a conventional way to buy new retainers from an orthodontist or dentist who has already taken an impression of your teeth. That dentist would help you provide a similar retainer on the basis of already-taken teeth impressions. However, you may find this option rather expensive, from $200 to $600 per retainer, but the price varies as per the location, clinic, and dentist from whom you are replacing your retainers.

Purchase Online

Another most considerable method for retainer replacement is to make an online purchase. You can get your teeth retainers by staying home. The process is very simple; you can make your teeth impression on your own and order retainers directly. You can also order a self-impression kit from IHome Dental, take your teeth impressions at home, and direct mail them to the same lab. We would customize a first-class product for you and deliver it to your doorstep by analyzing these impressions.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to replace all cracked or broken retainers; if you have Hawley retainers, you can send them to the labs to repair them rather than replace them. Repairing a tooth retainer is more cost-efficient. Similarly, on the other hand, if you have Essix retainers and they get broken, you can’t fix them.

Don’t put your smile at risk or pain today; replace your teeth retainers now from IHome Dental and get a backup for the next time. You should not delay ordering a new pair of retainers because it can directly impact your teeth. Therefore, IHome Dental helps you provide a self-impression kit and other dental solutions so that you don’t have to compromise about your teeth. For us, you have a million-dollar smile.

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