How much Do dental retainer cost

A dental retainer is a vibrant part of dental tools in case you want to correct your teeth if they are misplaced or dispositioned after conventional braces. But, several types of retainers make it pretty challenging to choose the right one for your tooth structure. Each type varies in terms of quality and price.

So, if you ask someone how much dental retainer costs, there could be no specific answer to this question because different types and qualities have different prices. It is possible that one person has worn an expensive retainer and the other has worn the cheaper one simultaneously.

In other words, the costs of the dental retainer can substantially rely upon the type, quality, and company from where you buy it. Anyhow, there are four types of retainers. I would let you know about these four types alongside each one’s price and their purposes.

Clear Essix Retainer

These retainers are manufactured from Essix material which is an Invisalign type of retainer. These are the most innovative type of retainers and much common amongst other styles. However, there is no specific price of Essix Retainers significantly depending upon whether you go for dental treatment through a dentist or a third person. For instance, if you fix clear retainers through a dentist, it may cost $150 to $300. Whereas, if you execute the same procedure from an orthodontist, then you have to pay only less than $100.

Nevertheless, these retainers are preferred by many people because they are colorless and less visible as compared to other wired retainers. Thus, while eating and brushing, you need to remove this device. It is very vulnerable to stains unless you keep it clean frequently.

Hawley Retainer

This type of retainer is also prevalent amongst people, which is also known as wire retainer. They are manufactured with a dental acrylic material and metal wire. This is the oldest type of retainer, which has become the least preferable due to other innovations in retainers. However, the Hawley retainer is very flexible and easily adjustable, which can be repaired if some damage occurs.

This is the cheapest retainer type which goes long-lastingly, easily adjustable, and can be repaired. You can simply find these retainers within $180 to $330. However, the only downside you may discover is its wires are visible when you smile or talk, but this isn’t a big issue.

Vivera Retainer

These types of retainers also look like clear Essix retainers, which are also manufactured of Invisalign material. That’s why they are sometimes also known as Invisalign retainers. This type of retainer is a durable option because it is made from solid materials. Notwithstanding, its price per four sets is approximately $400 to $1000, but it varies from where you’re getting these retainers.

Permanent Retainer

This is the permanent solution to align your teeth which are also called fixed retainers. This type of retainer consists of a wire which is set on the lingual side of the teeth to avoid your teeth from moving or displacing. Since this is a permanent solution, so it should be done through an orthodontist or a dentist who takes approximately $250 to 400. This procedure is usually done on your lower teeth, but you can opt for it for upper teeth as well in some situations.

Final Words

The cost of a dental retainer varies as per the type, quality, and dentist markups. Therefore, whatever dental retainer you choose, you must discuss with your dentist because every person carries a different tooth structure, and everything does not suit everyone. The dentist can recommend you ideally by taking the impressions of your teeth and identifying which type works for you. If you are looking for any type of dental retainer, feel free to visit our website to know the process and decide wisely.

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