7 ways to get rid of your tooth gap

There are numerous reasons for having gaps between your teeth. Although it may not affect you regarding any dental issue, it can make your smile incomplete and unattractive. Do you also experience spaces between your teeth? These gaps mainly occur in the upper front teeth, but it’s not apparent; these spaces can arise anywhere between your teeth. But how to get rid of these tooth gaps?

Although there is an excellent option of Tooth Bonding to make teeth gaps filled, this isn’t a cheap option. The tooth bonding treatment for one tooth costs approximately $300 to $600, which needs to be filled after five or seven years again.

So, what could be some reasonable options to eliminate the spaces between your teeth?

In today’s article, I have discussed seven different ways to fill the gap between your teeth and convey a resilient wide smile.

1. Tooth Bonding

Before considering other options, tooth bonding is the first and foremost treatment to get rid of tooth gaps. This option is ideal if you have huge gaps in your teeth and you want to fix them perfectly and rapidly. Therefore, if you can afford an expensive tooth filling treatment, there could be no more fantastic option than tooth bonding.

In this method, the professional or the dentist uses a compound material of tooth-colored fill between the spaces between your teeth to fill the gap. This method delivers a natural appearance to your teeth and works durably for more than seven years. Notwithstanding, you need to avoid certain foods and drinks which may risk your teeth getting stained. Also, avoid tough foods to move the bonding and damage them.

Give an attractive smile to people!

2. Conventional Braces

You must have seen any of your friends wearing braces, and when you ask the reason, he might have said, ‘To remove the gaps between my teeth.’ Although braces are used to straighten crooked, misaligned, or dispositioned teeth, they work excellently in eliminating spaces from your teeth.

Conventional braces are a tangible way to improve your teeth if you are looking for an affordable method. Traditional braces improve your other orthodontic problems as well. Another fantastic thing about braces is that you don’t need to wear them for an extended period. It executes its job perfectly within six months or so.

Believe me; this is the best and cheapest way to get rid of mild gaps between your teeth. Thus, you need to be careful while brushing your teeth and avoid hard and sticky food while wearing braces.

3. Teeth Gap Bands

Another renowned option to fill the gaps between your teeth is teeth gap bands which look similar to rubber bands. These bands are fixed around your teeth and create a force to push towards each other to remove spaces.

This is a cheap option, though, but you may have to encounter some risks. Due to the force produced by the bands, the bands can go under the gums and break your tooth. In this case, you would need to go for an expensive dental implant. So, it is advisable to visit and talk to your dentist before making any decision.

4. Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a substantial option to hide all imperfections in your teeth, such as chips or gaps. However, these dental veneers work ideally if the gap isn’t too large. If you adopt dental veneers, it delivers enduring results. Yet, you need to take the advice of your dentist before choosing this option. Your dentist may offer you dental veneers of either porcelain or composite material as per your teeth structure.

Nevertheless, you must be aware of its high price. But, if you use the composite material, you may find it relatively cheaper and more durable than the porcelain one. When you wear porcelain veneers, it lasts for approximately 10 to 15 years yet costs high.

Anyhow, whatever option you choose, dental veneers tend to give a natural appearance that can go for an extensive period.

5. Frenectomy

In case you have frenum between your top front gums and cheeks, due to which there is a gap between your front teeth. When frenum occurs between your teeth, the tissues develop and become large, which can cause space between your teeth and prevent them from growing in your child.

You can get rid of this issue through frenectomy treatment. It involves some tools or lasers to reduce or close the tooth gap. However, you may feel pain, bleeding, swelling with this procedure for a few days. But it heals entirely within several weeks.

6. Clear Aligners

Clear aligners provide you with an effective alternative to conventional braces because it helps remove gaps between teeth and improve crowded, swollen, or crooked teeth. It also enhances your bite. In this procedure, the dentist scans your teeth via X-ray and designs a 3D model of your teeth. After analyzing it, he would customize a set of clear aligners. You can replace them after a few months or a year. Notwithstanding, you should wear them while eating, brushing, and sleeping.

7. Detachable Orthodontic Appliances

Other than the above options, if you are looking for some rapid options, then you can simply go for removable orthodontic appliances. These appliances appear like retainers that can fix the gaps between your teeth within 1 ½ month in an affordable manner.

These detachable appliances include springs in the back, which push your front teeth to come together. It also comprises a colored wire which is fixed on the top of your teeth, just like braces. Thus, this tool is removable; you only need to wear it for 20 hours a day and remove it while brushing or eating. Also, you need to make appointments with your dentist for scheduled checkups.

Final Words

Despite your budget, each option helps you get rid of tooth gaps that diminish your confidence while talking or smiling. However, whatever treatment you pick, don’t forget to take advice from your dentist for the best results.

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