will teeth whitening gel work on veneers or crowns

Crowns or veneers are a great way to fix a decayed or broken tooth. However, these tools aren’t made with the same material as your teeth; they are made synthetically, which require more care and maintenance than original teeth. However, if you think to whiten your crowns and veneers, you need to think twice before doing this since they are made with porcelain material and need separate dental care.

So, many people are curious that if they cannot adopt the ordinary whitening means of their crowns, what can they do then? Everyone wants a bright and attractive smile, and for this purpose, the dental market has been introducing several whitening products to improve their smile and remove stains. But do such whitening gels also work on veneers or crowns?

In this article, we will discuss if this process works on your crowns as well? If yes, do they get damaged? You must have so many questions in your mind. But don’t worry, I have all the answers to your queries.

Difference Between Veneer and Crown

Veneers are a thin coating of porcelain or composite resin material which is fixed to the front surface of your tooth to restore your missing or damaged tooth and give a clear appearance. Notwithstanding, veneers are used to enhance stained or dispositioned teeth and the shape of your teeth. On the other hand, a crown is a porcelain or metal alloy which covers the whole tooth. It is used to fix the broken teeth’ root canal. Both options are pretty popular for dental restoration because they are constructed with sturdy material and are intended to be stain-free. These are excellent options to bring your bright and sparkly smile back.

Nevertheless, some whitening products such as whitening gels do not work effectively on veneers and crowns because of their robust material. Teeth whitening veneers do not respond to such stuff, which is specific for natural teeth. Therefore, whenever you use whitening gels to whiten crowns or veneers, it may brighten your teeth, and they look whiter than these restorations, which may appear unappealing.

What Happens When Whitening Veneers or Crowns?

If you still use whitening gels on your crowns or veneers, it may result in whitening your real teeth although it doesn’t damage them. As discussed earlier, whitening agents do not impact these dental restorations because they are made with synthetic materials. Hence, when you use these agents on your teeth, your teeth would become brighter, and the crowns would appear fader along with these white teeth. It leads to an imbalanced appearance and a disgraceful smile.

That is the reason the dentist suggests you whiten your teeth before applying for the dental veneer or crown. It thus enables them to match the actual color of your teeth and customize the color of crowns with it. Hence, it allows you to get an even and charming smile.

Eventual Thoughts

Ultimately, if you don’t pay much attention to your teeth, you’re at significant risk of damage and consequently decay. If you have fixed veneers or crowns into your teeth, you have no other choice to whiten them instead of replacing them. Basically, such whitening products are explicitly made for your natural teeth, so they remain ineffective on synthetic materials such as veneers or crowns. However, make sure to lighten your teeth before going for such dental implants so that you don’t further need to whiten them and hold an unvarying and gorgeous smile.

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