What Can You Eat with Partial Dentures?

What Can You Eat with Partial Dentures

Dentures are the substitution of mission teeth which are constructed artificially. These dentures are customized according to one’s mouth shape and size, but it frequently gives a feel of significant discomfort and clumsiness. Of course, no matter how high-quality the thing is, a synthetic item can never give as much comfortability and spontaneity as natural ones deliver.

For many people, who are the new denture wearers, mealtime could be difficult because they feel awkward while chewing their food with dentures. But there are plentiful tips and methods to chew your food more easily and enjoy it.

However, if you are one of those who feel discomfort while eating food with your dentures, then this article is a must-read for you. I have brought some tips that provide great benefit to you. Besides, I have discussed which type of food you can eat with partial dentures.

Tricks to Eat with Partial Dentures Effortlessly

The procedure of learning by wearing new partial dentures or eating with them is nearly the same. When you wear new dentures, you are recommended to chew soft food. However, after some time, you’re allowed to start on solids.

Once you are ready to move on solid food, there are certain aspects which should be looked after. In the beginning, you may feel a little awkward or painful, but if you opt for several tips and tricks, it will become easier for you to eat with partial dentures.

  • Cut your food into tiny bits_ if you cut your food into a number of small bits, then it becomes easier to bite these tiny pieces and chew them.
  • Take small bites_ cut your food into thin slices or into small chunks which do not overflow your mouth, and you have space in your mouth to chew easily.
  • Chew on both sides_ distribute your food equally on both the left and right sides in your mouth and chew from both sides. If you chew from one side, it may force your denture from one side, and it becomes unstable.
  • Drink along with your food_ if you are eating cereals or whole-grain bread, then you must drink some liquid with every bite. This is because the food can stick to your dentures. Moreover, drinking with your food softens it, and you can easily chew and swallow it.
  • Avoid tacky food_ you must avoid eating gummy or sticky food such as marshmallows, butter, candies, raisins, or caramel because they can stick to your dentures and harm them.

Whatever you do, you just need to be patient and give time to everything. These are the little tips that can prevent you from substantial uneasiness or sometimes pain. Still, if you feel soreness in your mouth, then take an appointment with your dentist and make a visit.

What Food can you Eat with Partial Dentures?

Once your dentures are adjusted into your mouth, you can move towards solid meals. Thus, these solid foods should be eaten with consciousness by following the tips I have discussed. Be sure to chew your food gradually and bite them into small chunks. Also, don’t forget to use some liquid with your meal. Below is the list of some food which you can take fearlessly.

🍝 Pasta

🥩Soft meats

🍛Cooked vegetables and rice

🥔Mashed potatoes

🐟Without-skin fish

🌽Baked beans

🍞Soft bread

🍚Hot cereals

🥫Cooked greens





🍉Ripe fruits

🥓Minced meat

What Food should you Avoid with Partial Dentures?

Some sorts of food are very hard to chew with partial dentures and can lead to severe agony or gum inflammation. Even these types of foods can be difficult to chew with complete dentures as well. So you should prepare yourself that there are some foods which you can never enjoy.

    • Chewy food_ chewy foods such as candies or caramels can easily stick to your dentures which can eventually displace them and cause soreness. If you want to enjoy chewy food, then better to keep it in your mouth when you remove your dentures.
    • Bubblegum_ Many patients have been gone through this stage when they tried to chew bubblegum, and they dislodged their dentures. Partial dentures do not work on sticky foods. If you chew gum with your dentures, you may encounter severe pain.
    • Sticky food_ foods such as white bread, gums, candies, gelatin, and nut butter can slip your dentures because of their thick consistency. These foods can leave their particles under the partial dentures and cause sore spots on gums. Not only this, these foods can be the reason for the loosening of dentures.
    • Seeds and nuts_ some nuts and seeds can become a great problem for your dentures. Since nuts are hard to chew, they can create pressure on your dentures and loosen or dislocate them. Similarly, some seeds such as popcorns can also irritate your mouth.
    • Tough meat_ since the false teeth are only beneficial in smashing food rather than cutting it. If you eat steak, it can cause a great problem because steak is the tough meat that requires a proper force to cut and chew.

Be Humble Upon your Health

If you want to become successful in eating with your partial dentures, you must be avoiding certain categories of food and accept that every food is not made for you. However, the tricks and tips I discussed in the article would help you learn easily.

Besides, if you want to keep your health vigorous, you must be humble upon it. For more information, you can visit our site iHome Dental which is always there to help you in certain manners. We provide, repair, and reline dentures and offer numerous tooth replacement solutions for you.
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