How to Stop Teeth from Shifting?

How to Stop Teeth from Shifting

Did you know your teeth are constantly moving and changing their positions, although you cannot feel this because the process is very gradual? No matter if you have done an orthodontic treatment or worn braces, your teeth would continue to shift with a very slight speed all over your life. This is one of the most common dental problems which happens to numerous people.

When you look into the mirror and smile, you must be wondering that your teeth were not overlapped before, then how are they now? Well, it’s the teeth shifting process happening inside your mouth which moves the position of your teeth slowly and slightly.

However, in case you have just done an expensive orthodontic treatment to keep your teeth straightened, and you don’t want your teeth to move from their place. Although teeth shifting is a natural process, you can somehow stop this process from keeping a confident smile.

I would help you know the primary reasons for teeth shifting and how you can prevent them from moving.

Reasons for Teeth Shifting

Your teeth shift with time for multiple reasons. Basically, your teeth are apparently attached to your jaw, and it seems that they should not move and should be fixed in one place. But it’s not like that; your teeth are fenced by soft tissues and are attached to the jaw by a tendon. However, these tissues and muscles can get loosened over time, due to which your teeth start moving.

Well, age is not just the factor, but there could be further several reasons for teeth movement such as:

Tooth grinding or clenching
Jaw bone changes
Tongue thrusting
Periodontal disease
Dental repair or orthodontic restoration

It is also possible that your teeth shift due to some injury or tooth loss because teeth also get loosened if a gap occurs between them.

How to Prevent Damage Caused by Teeth Shifting?

When your teeth start shifting, you must visit your dentist to get the best advice on how to prevent them from moving and changing their position. However, the shifting of teeth can occur due to several reasons, but they can be corrected as well.

You can perform various things on your own and take action to stop teeth shifting. Stopping teeth shifting not only helps in establishing a straight smile but also maintains oral hygiene.

No matter if you have done any orthodontic treatment or not, you can take several steps to work on teeth shifting. You must take a concrete initiative to stop or at least reduce teeth shifting for several years.

Whether or not you’ve had orthodontic work or tooth extraction, you can take concrete steps starting today to at least reduce the amount of tooth shifting that goes on in the years ahead.

Your tooth movement can also be led if you sleep on your stomach. From a dental perspective, the best sleeping posture is on your back, followed by your side.

Below are some options you can adopt to stop your teeth from shifting

Dental Retainers

Once you have done orthodontic treatment or removed your braces, wearing retainers is essential to prevent your teeth from leaving their original position and remain fixed. However, most importantly, you must talk to your dentist right after executing an orthodontic treatment for better suggestions about which retainer type suits you.

Dental retainers come in two styles, a removable one and a fixed one. However, the fixed retainers are more effective amongst the two because they deliver a continuous tooth alignment and keep them set in one place.

Identify Tooth Grinding

Other than retainers, you must identify teeth grinding. Thus, you may not be aware that you grind your teeth; however, to know about this, you can visit your dentist, and he would let you know by examining specific patterns of your teeth. In case you grind your teeth, ask your dentist to perform some effective treatment or some dental device to help you leave this habit, such as nightguards.

Keep Good Oral Hygiene

Before going for any treatment or any dental option, make sure that you have kept good oral hygiene which is the most straightforward and foremost step to initiate. You can maintain your dental hygiene by:

Flossing your teeth every day.
Brushing at least twice a day.
Avoiding some habits that can be hazardous to your dental health, such as tooth grinding and smoking.
Visit your dentists to get regular checkups.

Final Words

If you make these practices your habits, you would be indeed maintaining your oral hygiene. Having fine dental health impacts substantially your overall personality and boosts your confidence.

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Feel free to contact our proficient dental experts to eradicate your confusion regarding anything.

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