My Retainer Smells Bad: What can I do?

my retainer smells bad. what can i do

If you wear retainers, you might be wondering how to take care of them. Many people wear retainers for a whole day, and some retainers come in a fixed form that cannot be removed. However, by wearing retainers for an extended period, your retainers can accumulate plaque, tartar, and bacteria, resulting in developing a bad smell. But it is prevalent that retainers develop a bad smell, but there are specific tips and tricks to eliminate this odor and make your retainers new and fresh again.

First of all, you need to know the reason why your retainers produce bad smells and what the causes are behind that.

Why Do Retainers Smell Bad?

Many people believe that their mouth only comprises teeth, but they may forget that mouth is the place where bacteria grows very rapidly. As bacteria flourish into your mouth, it gradually starts producing bad odor, which you might have experienced with your retainers as well. Besides, bacteria could be a great reason to create a thick coating of tartar and plaque on your teeth, which produces smell and makes your teeth appear yellow. But you can adopt numerous methods to remove this smell and diminish the buildup risk of bacteria and other microorganisms to prevent awful smell.

Methods to Remove Bad Smell

While your retainers sell badly, but it all depends upon how to look after and maintain them. If you clean your retainers regularly, you are at least at risk to smell bad. But how to do this? Below are some effective ways to reduce mouth and retainer odor.

Keep Regular Oral Hygiene

Preventing your retainers from smelling initiates good oral hygiene. Regular oral hygiene is crucial not only for your genuine teeth but your teeth devices too. You should at least brush and floss your teeth twice a day. But this is not adequate; make sure you are removing bacteria and food residues from your teeth by brushing in depth. You can practice this routine by brushing and flossing your teeth after every meal so that food particles get removed instantly.

Clean Your Retainers

Just like you keep your teeth clean and hygienic regularly, you should not avoid your retainers. Bacteria, plaque, and tartar can also form on your retainers while you’re wearing them. Hence if you keep your teeth clean while removing, it would be of no use. However, while brushing and flossing your teeth, don’t forget to clean your retainers as well.

clean your retainers

Keep in mind, do not rinse your retainers with hot water because they are made with vulnerable material and can be de-shaped.

You can effortlessly clean your retainers by simply rinsing them with warm water before wearing them.

Also, remember, do not use alcohol-based mouthwash to wash your retainers; it may crack or break them.

While rinsing your retainer with warm water, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your retainers gently corners and depth so that every microbe comes out and leaves them clean.

Dip Your Retainers

Several products are available in the market, specifically intended to clean your dentures and remove their smell. Pick a good solution and soak your retainers in it for 20 minutes at least twice a week. It helps you diminish the formation of mouth plaque and eradicates smell-generating bacteria from your retainers. Dipping your retainers would provide you a clean and fresh smell which also aids your breath smelling pleasant.

Cover Your Retainers

You must cover your retainers when you’re not wearing them, such as during eating or sleeping. It not only helps in preventing retainers from dirt, but you can find them easily. Occasionally, it happens; you remove your retainers, keep them somewhere, and forget where you kept them. Besides cleaning your retainers, you must clean its case as well because there is a great chance of transferring bacteria from retainers to the case. However, make sure to clean your retainer case and keep your retainer inside to avoid dirt and bacteria in the open air. Keeping them in the case also diminished the retainer smell and kept them smell fresh.

Replace your Retainers

What happens if all your efforts do not work and your retainers still stink? If you remain unsuccessful in eliminating the bad odor from your retainers, the ultimate solution is retainer replacement. But, before going for a replacement, you must talk to your dentist for a better opinion. If you want to replace your retainers, feel free to contact IHome Dental and get high-quality retainers at a reasonable price.

Final Verdict

We are very content to customize special retainers for you. You can take impressions of your teeth through our genuine self-impression kit and mail them back to our laboratories. We strive our best to deliver first-class products at a competitive price without any hassle. To get more information, you can absolutely visit our official site and talk to our experts.

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