Finding the best retainers could be one of the challenging tasks, but have you have thought that cleaning them could be more complicated? However, if you just have picked a new set of dental retainers and you’re unaware of how to clean them, you’re at the right site. In this article, I would take you through numerous methods which work efficiently to clean your retainers.

IHome Dental has conducted an inclusive survey about how to clean Essix retainers and has exposed multiple methods. Every way has been tried and tested by our experts and came up with super-effective results.

On the basis of different cleaning experiments, I have brought this article for you to present you with some precise methods to clean your retainers.

How Frequently Should I Clean My Retainers?

People ask this question very common, especially those who have freshly got new retainers and are unaware of cleaning their retainers. However, before directly starting their retainers, it is essential to know how often should they clean them. This is not only about their retainers, but they should know about the schedule of cleaning every dental product.

You can choose amongst two cleaning practices; the first one is simply clean, which should be done regularly after removing them. For this purpose, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean them finely without damaging them. On the other hand, if you don’t have adequate time to clean them daily, you can adopt different methods to clean your dentures weekly or fortnightly.

Cleaning Retainers Regularly is Recommended

I would recommend you clean your retainers daily because, if you do this procedure on a weekly basis, the risk of deep and stubborn stains is more, which becomes pretty hard to get out. You can keep a specific time to clean your dentures regularly once you have taken your meal and remove your retainers out of your mouth.

Below is the process which can be followed to clean retainers habitually:

  • Get a soft-bristled toothbrush and an anti-bacterial liquid soap.
  • Remove your retainers from your mouth and rinse them under warm water for about 30 seconds.
Water shouldn’t be too hot; it can de-shape or damage your retainers because of the oft material inside.
  • Take a small amount of liquid anti-bacterial soap and put it on your Essix retainers.
  • Now take the toothbrush and scrub your retainers gently for approximately one minute.
  • Make sure to scrub from outside and inside to eliminate all particles out.
  • Once you believe that you’ve scrubbed it enough and the retainer is all-clean now, stop scrubbing.
  • Rinse it again under warm water to wash the soap from a retainer.
  • Your retainer is all-cleaned and hygienic now.
Pro Tip: The most common reason for cracking retainers is during the cleaning process. Therefore, you need to use soft material and gentle hands to clean your retainers.

Other Ways to Clean Essix Retainers

Besides cleaning your retainers regularly, deep cleansing is also vital. You can use other methods to clean your retainers weekly or twice or thrice a month. Other than risking and brushing your retainers with soap only, some effective products come in the market, which is specifically intended to clean your retainers deeply.

Some of these products are discussed below:

Fresh Guard Soak Solution

In order to use this solution, you need to rinse your retainers with warm water. Now pour this solution into the warm water, and it would turn blue in a foamy form. This is the sign which indicates that the product is ready to use. Dip your retainers into this mixture only for five minutes. Do not soak them for more than 10 minutes. Now remove your retainers and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to rub them to scrub out all particles. Wash your retainers with clean water and discard the solution.

Retainer Cleaning Tablet

Other than liquid cleaning solutions, you can also get retainer cleaning tablets that work efficiently to cleanse your retainers. Although these cleaning tablets are particular for dentures, they can also be used for Essix retainers. Its usage is simple! Take warm water, put your retainers in it, and add one cleaning tablet. It would start dissolving. Now leave your retainer for 15 to 20 minutes. Take your retainers out and similarly scrub them with a toothbrush. Wash them off and use your clean retainers.

Natural Methods to Clean Retainers

I have seen many people who prefer natural remedies over market products, and they look for some natural methods for several purposes. The good news is I have brought multiple natural ways to clean your Essix retainers at home.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Use apple cider vinegar to clean and sanitize your retainers. You can execute this process by mixing apple cider vinegar in the same amount of water and place your retainers in it. Apple cider vinegar acts as a potent chemical against harsh retainer odor and stubborn stains on your retainers. Keep your retainers dipped in this solution for 20 minutes and rinse them with clean water.

If you are unavailable with apple cider vinegar, you can also go for simple white vinegar. It works the same and makes your retainers hygienic.

Castile Soap

Another natural retainer cleaner is castile soap, which is also known as vegetable oil-based soap. However, it was originally made with olive oil. And now it is made with coconut oil, hemp oil, and other natural ingredients. You can get this soap in both liquid and bar form. Take a glass of clean water and mix an amount of soap in it. Now soak your retainers in it for about 5 to 10 minutes. Using the same process, scrub your retainers and rinse them out.

Baking Soda

Just like vinegar, baking soda also works as a strong agent to eliminate bad smells and obstinate tints from your retainers. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda in 3/4th cup of warm water and stir it. A foamy solution would be made up; soak your retainers in it for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse them out after scrubbing.

Ultimate Thoughts

Hence, some natural cleaning methods cost nothing because all ingredients can be found in your kitchen easily. However, if you don’t believe in these natural remedies, I have also discussed some effective products which are explicitly used to clean Essix retainers. Anyhow, if you have tried every method, but nothing works, you can consult our experts at IHome Dental without any hesitation. Home Dental provides you retainer replacement at a competitive price. We are always happy to deliver you high-quality dental products for your confident smile.

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